Welcome to Wonderful Time (WT)

Our story began in 1987, in Hong Kong, in order to satisfy the customers' need for more sophisticated and customised services. 

The production facilities moved to China in beginning of 1990. A production complex was constructed in 1996 due to the increase in demand and a top end production line established in 2004. 

In 2013, both China factory and Hong Kong office implemented the ERP system.

Our factory

Factory Information

  • New production complex established in 1996
  • Occupies 80,000 sq ft
  • Five-storey administrative building
  • Four-storey dormitory building
  • Three-storey production building

Production Lines

There are two production lines in our production facilities in China

  • Top-end Line
    • 10,000 Class Dust-Free (Equipment, clothing, air-shower, pressurized room)
  • Cost Efficient Line
    • Able to produce large quantities and high quality watches in a cost efficient manner

Production Facilities

  • Programmable Hot and Cold Humidity Chamber
  • Semi Automatic Stem Cutting Machine
  • Hands Fitting Machine
  • Hands Monitor Machine
  • Power Consumption


Brainstorming Session

  • Round-table discussions on Client’s goals and objectives
  • Brand image research – Designs must be consistent to brand image
  • Feasibility Studies – For non-fashion related brands. For example, WT can help to analyze how to incorporate watches into these brands


  • Chief Designers in Hong Kong are supported by a team of support staff in our production facilities
  • New designs are drawn for each project. Our client’s brand-unique elements and current market trends are incorporated in our designs 
  • Follow up discussions and correspondences are conducted to ensure the maximum level of customization

Research & Development (R&D)

  • Technical experts are consulted on each design
  • Responsible for turning the design into reality
  • Careful selection of components from numerous vendors and suppliers
  • Based on our client’s needs, we will source components from appropriate vendors and suppliers (Swiss-made or digital movements, plastic or genuine leather watch bands, etc.)


  • Special Hand-made Sample Department, separated into the Lathe team, Engraving team, and Finishing team, are established to:
    • Ensure timely delivery
    • Create hand-crafted clay samples
    • Reflect the essence of the designs
    • Provide client with a tangible product

Quality Control

  • QC activities are performed after each production stage in order to locate the origin of a problem efficiently

Quality Assurance

  • QA is performed at the last production stage on the completed product

After Sales Service

  • At WT, a business transaction does not terminate upon the delivery of our products. We provide a range of after sales services including:
    • Technical and specific explanations on our products
    • Repair on any product defects
    • Logistics arrangements on returned products
    • Any other necessary follow up activities